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A Grandfather's Dream

The accomplishments of a grandson completes the cycle of a family tradition that began as a grandfather’s dream. Nearly seven decades ago, Al Thomson JR. envisioned the start of a successful construction and land development company in the growing Pittsburgh metropolis. Through his dedication and the help of his partners, he started the North Suburban Land Company. Thomson’s tradition of pride, superior quality, and outstanding craftsmanship inspired his son Al Thomson III to build upon his father’s legacy. Eventually Al Thomson III took over his father’s company and paved the way in the developments of commercial office space and condominiums throughout the Pittsburgh area. Once again, as tradition would have it, a father inspired his son and today a third generation builder, Al Thomson IV, lives up to his family’s legacy and name.

From a young age, Thomson IV knew his passion was for building. After learning the practical aspect of his father’s business, he studied ‘Business Management’ at Robert Morris College and the ‘Graduate Builders Program’ at Penn State University. Now, Thomson’s dedication to the industry is apparent with his creations of Thomson Properties, a property management company founded in 1963, as well as, Arcadia Homes, Inc. a company devoted to home development that was founded in 1989. Thomson’s individual triumph consists of “Builder of the Year” in 1994 and 1995, North Suburban Builders Association board of director’s member, and chairs the Land Development committee of the Builders Association. His outstanding credentials continue through the recognition of Arcadia Homes, Incwith the “Best Single Family Home of the Year” by the builder Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh and was deemed the “Best Kitchen of the Year” in 2002.

After 19 years in the business, Thomson IV anticipates and understands all aspects of the residential and commercial development industries. He accommodates his clients through all phases of the building process through the availability of his commercial real estate properties and storage facilities. Thomson also personally works with families to design and build their vision of the perfect home in the North Hills area. Al Thomson IV is not only an expert in construction and real estate; he specializes in fulfilling a family’s dream.