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4 Tips For Your First Commercial Lease

Updated: Mar 15

So you're looking to lease your first commercial space in Pittsburgh, specifically, commercial space in the 15237 zip code. The first time you rent space for your business, it can be a little scary because you don't know what should be in the lease, you don't know what all the lease terms mean.

Tip 1: Make sure you do not move in your belongings until you have a signed lease agreement. You don't want to be in the position of negotiating the terms after you've gone through the time and expense of moving all of your things, all of your business, into that space.

Tip 2: Read the lease. You may not understand what all of the legalese is, but make sure everything that needs to be included is in there.

Tip 3. Pay close attention to the lease term. When you rent commercial space you end up spending a lot of money outfitting the space so that it is right for your business.

You don't want to lose that investment a year later because that is when your lease term is over.

Tip 4: Take a close look at the termination clause for the lease. If your landlord ends up being impossible to deal with, you'll want to get out of there without paying a year's rent.

Thomson Commercial & Office space offers a variety of solutions to make us the perfect home for your business. For more information on commercial office space in the 15237 zip code in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas visit us online at,, or email your questions to Have a great day!

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